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Cisco AP not getting enough power off a 6430-48P

New Contributor II
I am trying to get my Cisco 3602I with AC Module to work with 30W. I have configured it on the switch saying CDP enable and max power available on the port set to 30000. 

BROCADE:Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f8135b77e247902f08_c5851d44690ca2cf42d8b546fb29a1c4_RackMultipart20190628108895yn7-ba971e52-3cf2-43a2-895f-93eed2bb8d87-368446127.png1561765397

CISCO: Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f8135b77e247902f08_a6ccc4ea62b02e2f8b1c235b9faca1e2_RackMultipart2019062847110dt94-c4217810-f3ce-4b52-bfc5-2c9d64ecd4e7-775103243.png1561765394 

RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Mathew,

It seems like you dont have enough power budget to turn on all PDs. By default with internal power supply 6430-48P can power 24 PoE and 12 PoE+ (802.3at)

With internal and external power supplies, Max is 48 for PoE and 24 PoE+ ports.

Hope that helps.


New Contributor II
Hello. I have extra PoE power I am just confused why it's not using all the power I allocated...

Power Supply total capacity is 370000 of which 314200 is currently available. Power has been successfully allocated 48 times.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Matthew, The cause of failure is not clear, please try upgrading to latest 8030x firmware or open a Tac case for further debugging.

Contributor III
Good Afternoon:

Below is how I would troubleshoot this if this were assigned to me...

I am personally avoiding 08080t because it has a bug showing the proper boot time/uptime, but regardless 08080sa is working great with everything I have thrown out at.  Most folks won't notice any issue with 08030t.

What is your POE Firmware you are running, too?  The latest is 02.1.0 Build 004

Looking at one of my older installs with an ICX 6430-48P:

SSH@REDACTED#show inline power detail

Power Supply Data On stack 1:

Power Supply Data:

Power Supply #1:
        Max Curr:       6.8 Amps
        Voltage:        54.0 Volts
        Capacity:       370 Watts
power supply 2 is not present

POE Details Info. On Stack 1 :

General PoE Data:

02.1.0 Build 004

Cumulative Port State Data:

#Ports    #Ports     #Ports   #Ports    #Ports       #Ports     #Ports
Admin-On  Admin-Off  Oper-On  Oper-Off  Off-Denied   Off-No-PD  Off-Fault
48        0          15       33        0            33         5

Cumulative Port Power Data:

#Ports  #Ports  #Ports        Power       Power
Pri: 1  Pri: 2  Pri: 3  Consumption  Allocation
0       0       48         41.800 W    58.222 W

What build are you running for the POE Firmware too?

SSH@Museum5-2West#sh inline pow

Power Capacity:         Total is 370000 mWatts. Current Free is 311778 mWatts.

Power Allocations:      Requests Honored 71 times

 Port   Admin   Oper    ---Power(mWatts)---  PD Type  PD Class  Pri  Fault/
        State   State   Consumed  Allocated                          Error
  1/1/1 On      Off            0          0  n/a      n/a         3  n/a
  1/1/2 On      Off            0          0  n/a      n/a         3  n/a
  1/1/3 On      On          2400       3903  802.3af  Class 1     3  n/a
  1/1/4 On      Off            0          0  n/a      n/a         3  n/a
  1/1/5 On      Off            0          0  n/a      n/a         3  n/a
  1/1/6 On      Off            0          0  n/a      n/a         3  n/a
  1/1/7 On      Off            0          0  n/a      n/a         3  n/a
  1/1/8 On      Off            0          0  n/a      n/a         3  n/a
  1/1/9 On      Off            0          0  n/a      n/a         3  n/a
 1/1/10 On      On          3000       3587  802.3af  Class 1     3  n/a
 1/1/11 On      Off            0          0  n/a      n/a         3  n/a

 Total                     41200      58222