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R550 - Dual Port Features

New Contributor II

Hi folks

as I check the theR550 datasheet ship with dual port and my question that comes to my mind is, can I use the second port to link the non-wireless network? some things link when you IP Phone and connect pc to other port with tagged frame. if not what are the other features or use cases for the second port? down below my Scenario 

Image_ images_messages_60ba3dbea4586b59556b1b3a_08e771e6e9daeb6032b6101063ec5b94_R550-60e0fcc9-7f7d-4bc8-b53d-332ca523b917-1762261991.PNG

thanks in advance 


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Raad,

2nd port is nothing but a bridge port.

You can connect any network device on it and use it as per your requirement.

Both ports can be configured as Trunk or Access. By default VLAN 1 is set at Untagged/native and all other VLAN are tagged and allowed.

You can connect a switch, a laptop, an access point, anything which supports an Ethernet connection.

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Thank you so much 

Hi Sr.
I am trying to create an Access Port on the ETH port on R550 Unleashed network... Apparently that option for Override AP-Group is not enable on this specific model, I have done it when the R550 is controlled by a SZ.

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More precisely -- the second port is siwtched port. You can configure it same way as on any managed switch. Typical use is to connect AP to existing Ethernet socket, already occupied by some device -- reconfiguring central switch to use tagged VLAN for that device, and configuring  AP port as access port in the same VLAN. As with any switch for this to work, uplink (in this case the 1st AP port must be configured as a trunk, with proper VLANs allowed, and port on central switch has to be configured accordingly. It is a pretty useful feature. But you must be careful reconfiguring ports remotely (port numbering is different for different models, and uplink port (with PoE) may be actually LAN2). If you apply new setting to the wrong port, you may lose connection to AP, and need to reset it to factory by button to recover.