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Question in Ruckus ICX switch captive portal for Wired Ethernet

New Contributor II

We are able to capture the switch command and log in the Ruckus Web auth via Clearpass now.

But there are some minor issues and might be related to Ruckus itself.

Please advise if below issues might be adjusted via Ruckus switch CLI:

  1. If I log out and log in the windows again, I still able to access the internet but not asking for authenticating again. Is that possible to trigger to have reauthentication again in this case?
  2. If I unplug the Lan then plug it back to the PC or just reboot the PC windows, I need to clear the Browser cookies to let the auth page come up again. Any solution?
  3. What is the default log on cache time / Auth-time out after successful login the web auth? Also please advise how to change it.
  4. Let says I log in the PC as Domain user A, then log in the Web auth as Domain user B.
    If there is a Firewall gateway with domain user lookup feature enabled already, what is the user name capture result in the Firewall traffic logging in this case?


RUCKUS Team Member
With a Ruckus Account download a fastiron security guide. Under Web Authentication section there is guidance on setting re-authentication timers, etc. I would start there.