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Pulling out hairs and I'm already balding - ICX routing help

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If you solve this, you could be the one!  

We have a closed network environment with NO ROUTER, but we do have a layer 3 switch.  Please refer to the diagram; we have a server with IP address with gateway of  The server is connected to Ethernet port 1/1/1 of the Brocade Ruckus ICX 7150 switch which has vlan 192 untagged with ve 192 on IP address of  

We have a fiber link on port 1/3/1 that goes out to a layer 2 switch.  On port 1/3/1 we have vlan 51 tagged with ve 51 on IP address and vlan 351 with tagged ve on IP address  

From the Brocade Ruckus we can ping the Layer 2 switch at, the Camera at, and the server at  From the server we cannot ping or communicate with the camera at

On the server we even added static routes: 

route add mask

route add mask 

What are we missing?

I'll be happy to share our running config if you're interested in making someone's week.


Thanks for your input Andrew.  Our original configurations left out gateways on the end devices (camera) as we had no router and were working on layer 2.  After adding the layer 3 switch with ve's we never went back and added the gateways.  Once we added the ve ip's as the gateways for each device in its subnet it worked like a charm.  We appreciate your input.

Glad you've sorted it out!