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Load Balancing of two ISP's using Ruckus

New Contributor

Dear Support Team,

I need help to load-balancing  two different ISP's with Ruckus Zone. Is  it possible to load-balance two ISP's with one Ruckus zone. Need urgent  support .




Contributor III

Dear sheraz_raees,

Please correct me if I misunderstood your requirement. You would not be able to load balance two different ISP's using Ruckus Smart zone. You need to use a Firewall or a device like Peplink to load balance two ISP's. 

Hope it helps!!!


Abilash PR.

New Contributor

If you are using two or more ISP connections, you can use outbound link and load balancing to balance the traffic between the different Internet connections. If one ISP goes down, the traffic will be routed over the remaining connection. Basic link failover functionality can be achieved by using different route metrics. A better solution is to use custom connection objects to distribute the load and/or configure failover for different links. Using custom connection objects allows you to decide on link balancing on a per-access-rule basis. For this example, we are using one static and one dynamic Internet connection techzpod mobdro download.

New Contributor

Dear abilashpr,

Thanks for the response. Actually we don't want to load balance the traffic b/w ISP via single Zone Director.

we have license of 5 APs on our Zone Director. All we want to put 3 access points on 1st ISP and 2 access points to 2nd ISP, but we want that all 5 Access points should use Zone Director policies only.

Please confirm if Zone Director supports such connectivity? and what we do can to achieve?