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Not available connect Ruckus AP

New Contributor

Hi all,  We use the following Ruckus Wifi HW equipment.

Controller  : ZD1200
AP : R650

Introduced in February of this year, we have been using it without problems in recent months. But, since last week, suddenly many WIFI devices are not able to connect. These devices can connect to the AP but cannot obtain IP with DHCP. These devices have the following in common: WindowsPC(Win10/64bit/Ver21H2), IEEE802.11ac or ax ). we updated to all the latest version, reset the network, etc., but we can not connect well. We told the buyer about the situation, but they won't support us. Please help us.


RUCKUS Team Member

For starters, you can check DHCP server logs to see if its getting DHCP-REQ and offering leases back. 

The client connection diagnostics tool is to identify the connection problems. eg. If DHCP server responding or not from the ZD/AP perspective.


New Contributor

Dear sir, thank you for your response.

 Where are those tools you're saying? DHCP server logs / client connection diagnostics tool. We asked our suppliers "we want to check the connection error status", but the answer was "We can not see it".

New Contributor

I had the same problem, I thought the problem was with my device but it's not

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