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Country Code Restriction ZD1200

New Contributor III
Hi ,

Currently we are located in India and we have multiple APs but not enough channel on both 2.4 or 5 GHz ... so now we are on 40MHz for the 5GHz accomodate more APs . I'm wondering if there will be any legal issue if i change the country code in our 1200 Zone director to say US and ultilize the DFS channel ....

Valued Contributor
Hi Chennai,

Country codes in the Access Points are made to comply with the local laws in that country.
So in India you set your AP to India and therefore comply with your local laws.
If you configure your AP to another country while using it in India you are responsible yourself for that.

Kind regards

Contributor II
If you need more APs and not enough channels use 20mhz channels.

Don't change country code. Apart from being illegal, some client devices such as smartphones which have GPSs will not scan on the illegal channels so your APs on the illegal channels become useless.

... Did I say 'illegal' enough times?

New Contributor III
we are on R710 and putting them on 20MHz sounds dinosaur
Is there any way we can purchase a "Rest of World" unrestricted controller like the one Aruba have..... which one can use for any unrestricted country in the world....

Contributor II
Excuse me, did I spell 'illegal' incorrectly?

The controller WILL let you change country code, but as Martin already said, you will be responsible for this.

Ruckus has two controller models - one is US locked and the other is Rest Of The World.  I'm assuming you have currently set the controller to India which means you already have the Rest Of The World model so you can set the country code to wherever you want.

This doesn't change:
- that it's illegal
- that the client devices will ignore whatever you've set on the controller and use their own GPS's to set channel scan ranges, so they will not see the APs operating on the illegal channels.

I disagree that 20Mhz 'sounds dinosaur'.... Dinosaurs didn't have WiFi 🙂
Seriously though, the R710 is a 4x4:4 unit with MU-MIMO.  Even with 20Mhz it will still give you significant performance gains.

Look at your network and ask yourself why you need more APs:
- is it because you have a lot of clients in a small area?  Then you need client capacity and therefore should use 20Mhz
- is it because you have a few clients but you need very high throughput?  Then you need less APs and then you can use 40/80Mhz channels.
- is it both lots of clients in a small area needing high throughput?  Then keep the same number of APs, arrange them in a way that physical obstacles (walls, columns) block some of the signal between APs and use 40Mhz channels.

Once again, don't change country code as you'd only be giving yourself legal and technical headaches.