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R710 MU-MIMO Support

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Hi ,

In our office we have multiple R710 and R700 and i'm wondering how the R710 MU-MIMO will works if say 2 devices with MU-MIMO capable and say 4 SU-MIMO devices connects to the R710... will it falls back to SU-MIMO for all the 6 devices or MU-MIMO to the two MU-MIMO capable devices and SU-MIMO to the other 4 devices ....

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The answer, as always is, it depends. Remember there are lots of factors involved in order to get a MU-MIMO session in place. Not only do you need the clients with data to pass but also the AP needs to be able to identify them in a way that allows the MU group to be formed. By this I mean that the AP must receive enough feedback from the sounding to be confident of a successful Tx session.

IMO until your MU client outnumber your SU clients by 2:1 then you are unlikely to see the real benefits on MU-MIMO

Also some caveats and requirements to gain max MU-MIMO benefit...

The biggest caveat of MU-MIMO is that it works only on the downlink connection: traffic being sent from the AP to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other Wi-Fi devices. MU-MIMO doesn’t directly improve the wireless speeds of uplink connections: traffic flowing to the AP (such as an upload to the Internet).

It’s also worth repeating here that the only way to gain the full benefit of MU-MIMO is when the technology is supported on both the router and the device that’s connecting to the router. So in addition to having an 802.11ac adapter onboard, the client must explicitly support MU-MIMO—and there are precious few adapters meeting that criteria today.

Finally, MU-MIMO works best with stationary Wi-Fi devices. If you’re walking around your home while watching a video on your smartphone or tablet, you’re not going to get the full benefit of MU-MIMO even if that device supports it. Your router might even limit that connection to using SU-MIMO, so that the connection doesn’t negatively impact stronger MU-MIMO connections.

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ty Robert .....