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Any Help? Building the Unleashed Network. It may take a few minutes.

New Contributor

i have one R650, atfer i updated it R650_200., it can‘t work.

i can ping it on my PC, but can’t login web, it shows "Building the Unleashed Network. It may take a few minutes." all time.

any help for me???


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @edison_zhang,

Please help me with the following information:

-- Is there an existing Unleashed setup already active or is this the first Unleashed AP that you are adding? 
-- You would also need to ensure that the existing Unleashed setup as well as the new AP are on the same F/W. You can check that by running the command "get version" from the CLI of the new AP.
-- If there is an existing setup, please check on the Unleashed Master, whether you see this new AP already Connected or in Disconnected state.
-- If this is the first AP that you are adding to build up the Unleashed setup, I would suggest you perform the following once:

>> Remove the AP from the network, and connect it directly to your machine. Perform a hard reset on the AP by pressing down the the Reset button for 10-12 seconds and then releasing it. The AP should be powered up by a power adapter or a PoE injector.
>> Set your machine's ethernet adapter settings in the subnet of 192.168.0.x
>> Try to access the WebUI of the AP using the default IP address:
>> Complete the initial configuration including the IP address assignment method and then put the AP back to the network

Please reach out to us for addition queries.



Vasanth Edward

we have POE for r500 if i unplug and plug to  my laptop how it will be oned How Can i do Hard Reset

New Contributor

i had recovered it by tftp updated old FW. BW, it is so complicated to use thise AP.

I also had a problem with it. Did you find a better way?

happy wheels