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Anyone else having issues with iOS and OSX not showing the captive portal login?

New Contributor III
I have a case open with support now but was wondering if anyone else has issues with the captive network login not popping up on iOS or OSX.  The iOS device was running version 12 and OSX High Sierra.  If I connect to the onboarding SSID (WISPr) on Windows, ChromeOS, or Android I get a notification that I need to sign into the network.  On OSX and iOS nothing happens.  I have made sure the bypass CNA checkbox is not checked on my SSID but still nothing.  Even tried removing everything from the Walled Garden but still nothing.

New Contributor II

HI John, Yes I am having the same issue with OSX but only intermitently with ios. I assumed this was an issue with our Captive Portal provider but if you are experinecing the same issue it would appear not.
what version of vsz are you running?


I have a physical SmartZone appliance running 3.6.1.  It never works on OSX or iOS for us.  If I create a web auth portal and assign it to my onboarding SSID the portal pops up on OSX and iOS immediately but not using our WISPr portal.  We currently couldn't enroll an Apple device at all, good thing we are still in a testing phase with our deployment.

We are using a virtual SZ and WISPr and this has been working fine on OSX for a number of years, so unsure why this has just started to be an issue.
If I find the problem i post an update.

I just sent a packet capture from the OSX machine to support.  Hopefully they can see why it's not coming up.  We are close to being ready to roll this out but with over 50% of the devices on our wifi being Apple and no way to enroll them it's going to be a problem.