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Ssh is not accepting username and password

New Contributor III
i have configured crypto key ,username and password. when we are trying to ssh its asking username and password but when we are typing username and password its showing "Using keyboard-interactive authentication." error. we enable telnet because ssh is not working but unfortunately its also not working from otherswitch but we can open telnet session with its own management port.

New Contributor
Hi Israr,

Sounds like you're using putty? If you want to set up keyboard interactive authentication, you could try this:

Or you could set up ssh keys following this:

Preferably ssh-copy-id or you may manually copy the public key over.



New Contributor II
It would also help to clarify if this for Ruckus Cloud-managed APs? For SmartZone controllers? for Switches etc. Cloud managed APs will not have SSH access to AP CLI today (it is a plan for an upcoming release).

hi Phalguni Nanda ,
I am talking about icx-7650 switches.

Contributor II
If you haven't, you also need to specify the login method/source, ie:

aaa authentication login default local

see this video for more detail info: