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cannot login to app

New Contributor
Amazon was sent out to my house this afternoon to help set up my Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex Indoor AP. I was able to login to the app and create my wireless network easily, however now that I am trying to manage my network, I cannot login. The admin/username is correct but I am not sure about the password -- I would try the "forgot password" feature but I either get a spinning wheel (and nothing else), a frozen app, or "this feature is not available at this time".

Some of our devices (my laptop and my phone) are able to connect to our wifi, but my husband's phone, laptop, xbox and our smart tv are not able to connect to the internet from the wifi created by the AP. This has been a very frustrating 7 hours and complete loss of our day.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hmm, where did you buy your Ruckus gear?  Your reseller should assist you with setup.  

I don't know that you can buy our APs thru Amazon?

If they configured your AP, they should share your Admin password and details of your WLAN/SSID,
and be sure all your devices connect ok. (including future devices)

Call and ask them if you are allowed to access your AP, and what is the admin password?  They might
think they are "managing" your AP for you?