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vSpot AP quantity requirements

Hello,Does vSpot needs at least 3 APs to calculate the devices positions?I'm creating an environment to do some tests with Spot API and need to know if i could test it with only one AP.For now, the locations i'm getting via API are all with x = 0 and...

Unable to connect to newly created Network

Ruckus Unleashed 510. I went to through the popup screen to set up my new Ruckus AP and after setup there is an authentication failure that would not let me connect to the new created wireless network.I already tried the hard factory reset and it doe...

SWIPE login issue

What login info do i use to log into SWIPE for my vSZ. I've tried the UN and Passwords i though it might be and they didn't work. (Sorry if this question was asked before i didnt see it)