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S.W.A.T for IOS just updated

Valued Contributor II
Updated for IOS7 and with better stability overall.

[Edited to remove reference to SpeedFlex app..update mentioned earlier is not yet approved, so will update this thread when it hits]

New Contributor II
I was exicted to see this come out. Unfortunetly on my iPhone 4s & iPad 2 I get results that don't make sense to me. Such as, getting 25M upload UDP with 178% packet loss. Or download test with 3.8M and 1805% packet loss. If there is a bug, please fix ASAP.

I'm refering to the speedflex app, not swat.

Try un-installing, reboot, and re-installing. And also make sure it's the only Ruckus app running at the time and see if that makes any difference. I did alert the developers to your comment.

Just heard back - turns out the SpeedFlex update is not yet released but is in the app-store queue still. So - I will amend the above so as not to lead anyone else astray.