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Email Survey on S.W.A.T

I have installed the S.W.A.T in iPAD 2. When I touch the Email Survey, the S.W.A.T said "Device is unable to send email in its current state." Is there any configuration needed for email? Warm Regards, Kenny Hwang

The ruckus SWAT app only gives 0.0bps?

We recently installed a Ruckus system. A Zonedirector 100 + 6 x zf7341 We created 3 WLANS in 3 different Vlan id's The zonedirector and AP's are in a seperate Vlan. If i connect my ipad to one of the Vlans it gets a ip in the range 10.10.70.x th...

MAC address to DEVICE-NAME table?

I'm looking for some sort of way to map MAC addresses to a human readable string (like Steves-iPhone). As I collect and map MAC's I could place them in a Database, Text File, LDAP or Active Directory table. This would make the various management scre...

Try Zapper for iPad

Ruckus Zapper is a real time performance analysis tool. Built on the open source zap wireless library, this app allows you to test the performance of your existing network, selection of APs, or do some competitive testing.