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SWAT app for IPAD crashes when running speedflex test and other woes

New Contributor
Trying to perform a survey at a customer site using SWAT app on IPAD and runninf into a few issues.

When placing AP and Survey points on the map, I get prompted to label the item but no keyboard appears and all I can do is hit submit.

When I tap on the survey point, I see a box pop-up that tells me the test is starting and then the app closes.

Running on IOS 7.03

Valued Contributor II
Hi Bob,

You may be running into an issue where >1 Ruckus app is running at the same time (so turn off ZD Remote or anything else that might also be running) looks like you are also running into an IOS7 compatibility issue. We are working on getting updates into the store ASAP.

New Contributor III
Hi Keith,

any news about the update for iOS7?
I'm experiencing the same problem.

Valued Contributor II
Hmm...thanks for the reminder. I thought it would be there by now. I prodded engineering...should have news shortly.

New Contributor III
Ok I hope you'll have app update soon. We jumped into some projects and we are counting on including SWAT into site surveys. It's been an issue over a month so far. Thanks for help