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Wrong IP on mobile device using unleashed Configure.Me.xxxxxx

New Contributor

got this strange issue, when I connect to SSID : Configure.Me.xxxxxx, I get an IP address on my Iphone 10.154231.166 and router is

Even the AP is connected to a network with a working DHCP on
this mean I can't configure the Unleashed network for the "Unleashed mobile APP"

Any ideas ?

New Contributor II
I had the same issue and configured the AP by using the IP address. After getting it set up I followed the instructions in this post by Paul for adding it to remote management on the app. I still can't connect to within the network but the IP works fine.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Johan, is the default SSID on a factory default AP for ease of initial configuration. is the default IP address of AP WLAN interface propagating SSID.

AP is running a DHCP server for wireless clients of SSID. This DHCP server gives IP in 10.154.231.x subnet with AP's IP as the default gateway and DNS server. Pl remember this is a temporary SSID for initial configuration only.

Once your client connected Configure.Me.xxxx, use mobile app or web to visit or to do the initial configuration. The initial setup wizard will configure your new SSID and remove SSID.

AP's Wired port should have got an IP address from your existing DHCP Server. You are good to access using that IP address too. 



RUCKUS Team Member