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bonjour gateway for clickshare discovery

Hello everybody, we try to configure a bonjour gateway service on our wifi for running the clickshare discovery from the cllickshare app in enterprise mode. So we have wireless clients with clickshare app in an SSID and the clickshare base in an othe...

cannot login to app

Amazon was sent out to my house this afternoon to help set up my Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex Indoor AP. I was able to login to the app and create my wireless network easily, however now that I am trying to manage my network, I cannot login. The admin/us...

Does vSPoT support KVM deployment?

As I can see on the downloads vSPoT only support virtual box and vmware esxi. Can I deploy vSPoT in Linux KVM? If so where to find qcow2 image and deployment guide? Rgds,Pamuditha


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