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RUCKUS Mobile Apps and SPoT: SWIPE, SpeedFlex, and mobile apps for Wi-Fi network control
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Does vSPoT support KVM deployment?

As I can see on the downloads vSPoT only support virtual box and vmware esxi. Can I deploy vSPoT in Linux KVM? If so where to find qcow2 image and deployment guide? Rgds,Pamuditha

Reset vSpot password

Hello, this is my first time using vSpot, I think I forgot the login password, did any one know how to reset Ruckus vSpot password?

spot 3.6 rolling update issue

I wanted to update our vspot 3.3 to the latest 3.6, however the instructions are for vSphere only and I do not see how I cna transfer that method to our vCD setup. Since our cloud is hosted and managed (with us only managing the actual vms) by anothe...