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What happened to Zapper and SWAT apps for iPad?

New Contributor II
Tried to find Zapper for iPad in App Store --> nothing there.
Tried to find any info in Mobile Apps in the Products section on Ruckus website --> everything related to it and SWAT is deleted.

Why is it? What should I do now?
Is there are plans to integrate it in SWIPE or ZD Remote?

New Contributor II
I also encountered this problem. What happened? Where is Zapper?

New Contributor
I am the Product Manager for the Mobile App Strategy at Ruckus Wireless.  We continually are looking for ways to improve our product line, and while there isn't much work in a mobile app, there is a set of expectation that we continue to maintain and update them.  This is a non trivial task especially as new versions of Android / iOS are built.  One of the ways that we use to prioritize this work is to look at usage on the apps, and these apps, in particular weren't seeing much usage.  Therefore, we decided to pull them from the stores.  
If one of these applications (SWAT iOS, SWAT Android, Zapper iOS)  is something that's critical to you, let us know, we're always open to feedback.  Please make sure to specify which one.  

Zapper great app !!! Not one of the producers do not like it. This is one of the tools that helps us to successfully sell Ruckus. With this application, we and our partners are able to show the customer a visual image in the form of graphs. In addition, using the Zapper iOS we generate reports and comparative analysis with other vendors. Most requested return Zapper iOS, since all our partners need this tool a guaranteed sale. Thank you.

Dear, Amit!
SWAT application for iPad was OK. It was not good or perfect.
But I can't say the same thing about Zapper for iPad. It was very great app and with iPad Air and iPad Air 2 it showed good results with Ruckus APs. Me and my friends asking you to return it to App Store and it will be good to shrink it to fit iPhone 6 and especially 6 Plus. Zapper was great with XClaim APs.
You shouldn't remove it quietly. The best way was to ask partners do we want it or not. The answer is: we want it!