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Ruckus Unleashed App can't see I'm connected to Ruckus network (App permissions under Android 11?)

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I think this might be related to App permissions and the Ruckus Unleashed App not being updated Android 11:

We've sold Ruckus APs to a number of our clients, but when I try to add a new Ruckus Unleashed, using my Google Pixel 3A XL running Android 11 i  get:

"You need to be connected to an Unleashed network for remotely managing it. Do you wish to go to settings and select the right network?"

Even if I'm connected to the Ruckus Unleashed network I'm trying to add.

I have to use and older Android Tablet to add a new network to my account. It's then visible in my account, including on my Google Pixel 3A XL.

I was deploying a new Ruckus solution at a Client today, and I added the network using the 'hack' with the older Android Tablet, but when the Client tried adding the Ruckus Unleashed network he experienced the same problem, and he was using an iPhone.

My guess is that the app is not updated for the newest permission system on Android (and maybe iPhone?): I can't see the App has asked for permission to access information on a device's network state or similar, and therefore the permisson has not been granted.. 


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Hi Robert,

After investigating a similar issue with another customer we found out that there is a Private DNS setting which was turned ON, because of which the hostname did not resolve. Can you check if this is ON for you and can you test the app by turning Private DNS option OFF please?

Image_ images_messages_603751ba129ce112e92b9782_1fe944bc917c0b539889d426f76dd0cf_PrivateDNS-6f2bb97b-6c23-4fe8-80f4-09f28112050c-427428607.png

View solution in original post


Hi @moshek_kirsh 
Could you please confirm the IOS version and the Unleashed version which you are using?

iPhone 6s - Runs iOS 15.7 - Can access ""

iPhone 11, 13, & 14 PRO - Runs iOS 16.2 - Can NOT access ""

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Yep, that did it!

The settings looked a bit different on my Phone, but I found it.

For reference, here is how it looks on my Android Phone:

Image_ images_messages_6037ea8bcf34dc641c517579_bec576eb03855df7fd3c0a0332fe5ec9_Screenshot_20210225191248-9d2295c3-9c7c-43ce-97ac-c9e8e03e4d03-1344051811.png

And here's where you change it:

Image_ images_messages_6037ea8bcf34dc641c517579_1a7c0cfad4764e65b3b94fda23016703_Screenshot_20210225191232-dbcf47c0-1084-4eba-b2f2-2c28cdfa6ef0-1309881534.png

Thank you!

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I had the same issue on both my iPhone and iMac. I logged onto my Windows VM and was able to log onto the app no prob. What is the resolution to use the apple products?

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Same issue I have noticed recently with my Apple iPhone (IOS 16.5) and my MacBook.  The IPhone says "You are not connected to Unleashed network. Go to Settings?" even though I am on the Wifi network with the Ruckus.  On the MacBook when going to it brings up a message "Attention! Your device isn't connected to the RUCKUS Unleashed network".  It seems numerous people have been having the same issue in the past couple days.  Is there any resolution?