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Any documentation for the Swipe app?

New Contributor II
Can't find any instructions anywhere, would like to be able to have something to hand to techs so they at least have a clue what to press...I kinda made it work but it was totally random so have no idea exactly what steps are necessary.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Peter,

    The directions are built into the app!  Like, Click here -> now click here -> scan here -> now click Upload.

There isn't any other type of user guide, but Product Marketing say they will create a 1-2 page "Introduction

to the SWIPE app", since I took your inquiry to them.  ETA unknown, but stay tuned.  Thanks and best regards.

New Contributor

Hi Team,

Swipe asks:

Do you want to Bootstrap this AP?



What happens if we click yes?


it downloads the config, loads it and reboots to the new config connected to the controller.

EDIT: It's been a while since I've used it, but your phone will connect to the AP's "island" wifi and push the config from your phone to the AP which will then reboot and attempt to connect to the controller. The initial steps of scanning the AP thru swipe only adds that AP's information to the controller, lets you assign a name, zone, etc. but that does NOTHING to the AP itself. Bootstrapping connects to the AP (assuming it's powered on) and pushes the config to it.


thank you very much for this information!

Have a splendid day