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zf7363 can't connect to ZD1000

New Contributor III
I have a ZD1000 with licensed AP 12.
Already a r300 and and a zf7363 connected.

When i connect another zf7363 i have no connection for the 3th one.
Also a 4th and 5th do not have connection.

The 3th, 4th and 5th is comming from a working network.

New Contributor III
facoty default them and make sure you connect them in the same L2 domain. They wil then find the ZD and pull the config(if you have automatc approval enabled. Otherwise you will need to approve them first in your ZD)

Valued Contributor
And check what software version are on the AP''s further the same as 1Said said already.


New Contributor III
After factory default there is no connection to the ZD.
But i also connect a AP who have worked in another network and these AP's connected without any problem.

After this i knew what happened with the AP which cannot connect to the ZD.
They where configured to a Virtual ZoneDirector before i connected them to a ZD1000.
So i think there is the problem. But the factory settings do not overrule the configuration from the Virtual ZD

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Sander,

If the APs were managed by a vSZ or having a vSZ firmware on it, then please upgrade the APs to 104.x AP standalone firmware before joining them to the ZoneDirector.