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AP not connecting to the right ZD

New Contributor II

HI. I have 2 zonediretors, one zd1000 and one zd 1200. They work good together and the zd 1000 is the main one with 25 APs and the zd1200 only have 5 licenses. My APs are ZF7363

I only have 2 APs on the zd12 and i should have 3, but the third just wont show up. 

I have tried to reset the AP without luck.

I have messed around with "Only connect to the following ZoneDirector" and then put in the zd1200 as secondary with out any this were i should adjust tings or should i do it any where else???

Any suggestions.


New Contributor III

Hi Rasmus,

Thanks for contacting Ruckus. Could you please login to the reported AP CLI and provide me the below output?

get director

get version

Also please try to ping the ZD from the AP CLI and see the communication.

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Rasmus,

Running two different ZD model in same network is not recommended.

If you still want to use both and coexist together, make sure both ZDs and their associated APs are on two different networks.

For example, keep the ZD1000 and 25 APs to VLAN 20 (use ZD and AP management VLAN).

And keep ZD1200 with 2 APs on VLAN 40.

This is just an example.

Since ZD1000 is EOL/EOS, I would suggest you to get AP licenses for ZD1200 and you can manage all your APs with just one ZD1200. 

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I suppose 3 APs, connected to ZD1200, are newer model?  

In this case, unfortunately, you can't add licenses to 1200 and move all your old ZF7363 APs to it, as current firmware will not support ZF7363 APs. So you are stuck to use old ZD1000 with old APs.

There are also not much benefits to use ZD1200 with old APs, even if you install compatible firmware version on ZD, as same version means same features.

 It is really better  to separate management VLANs  for different ZoneDirectors (you can use same client VLAN on both for WiFi client traffic still).

Anyway, to be sure what you get, you need to provision AP to ZD1200 manually. Connect to AP through SSH, and check 

get director

This command will show provisioning status of AP.

Also take care that no one ZD has auto-approve AP set. 

Than if you manually provision AP using

set director IP


After reboot, AP should be visible on   ZD for approval.

Of cause, firmware version must be appropriate.

Hope it helps...

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If all of your APs are 7363, they are supported on your ZD1200 provided the firmware version is 9.9, 9.10, or 9.12.  If the ZD1200 is 9.13 or higher, the 7363 is not supported.