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zf7323 not supporting 2.4ghz

New Contributor II
I bought a used zf7363 to go along with my 8 existing zf7363 devices (connected with zonedirector). The "new" one doesn't seem to have 2.4ghz. It's connected to my zonedirector accepts new clients...but only 5ghz clients. I can't seem to find any checkbox that shows that it's disabled. It has the same firmware as all my other units ( Am I missing something obvious?

New Contributor III
Hello Charles,

With reference to your post, if this AP is being managed by the ZD, you can view the AP's settings by looking under Configure > AP > Select the AP with the issue > Edit.
Here you have the 2.4 Radio setting and 5 G Radio setting, you have the option here to check if the WLAN broadcast is turned on or off.

Also you can look under Monitor > AP's > Click on the MAC of the problematic AP > Here on the AP page, you should have WLAN as one of the parameter and can check if the WLAN is deployed on the 2.4 G radio or not.

I also recommend that you open a support ticket and send the Support info file of the AP for us to check if there are any issues with the AP.

Hope this helps.


New Contributor II
I know it sounds crazy, but the 2.4ghz options aren't there. (see image) when I click edit, it doesn't have 2.4ghz section of options the way the others do. Image_ images_messages_5f91c419135b77e247964a05_128ce5c7fbc2fdc2e81f560ba2889dc6_zoneaps_inline-f14bdf62-4a57-4bd2-82d9-9b9030212c5f-777936205.jpg1401223362

This is the Configure :: APs page.@Bittu instructed you to open the Monitor :: APs page and click on the MAC address of the AP in question

Valued Contributor II
Hello Charles Spivey,

its a potential hardware issue. See if hard resetting the device corrects the issue or not. One of our community member reported similar one and resetting it corrected it. Give it a shot.

Hope it helps.