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zf2925 became zf2825. Is it possible to turn back?

New Contributor II
I purchased on eBay zf2925 but in web GUI it appeares as 2825, so it does not have VLAN functionality that I need. Is it possible get it 2925? Or it has hardware from 2825?

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Would you guys still have the file for the ZF2925?  I have been looking at the ruckus download site but all I can find for the zf2925 is the and  go figure.

I have downloaded and applied, but I wonder why is that the latest on the site.  Is it a case of a nomenclature change to version 4?


New Contributor II
Jose, I don't have a firmware file. But the url's provided by Jelle in this tread are still working.
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Thanks Alexey, Jelle was kind enough to send me the 8.1 firmware on a separate post.  Can't understand why Ruckus doesn't list it in the download section of the ZF2925... 


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I can find no official ZoneFlex 2925 AP directory in the firmware repository,
on any 8.1 release standalone AP firmware.

If you had a 2925 connected to a ZD1000 running, and then did
a factory default on the AP, it would be running

Otherwise, only Ruckus Tech Support would know how to pull a supported
AP image out of a ZoneDirector firmware on a compatible version.

I suspect that was the last officially 'stable/recommended' release
for the EoL zf2925 line.

The above attempts to change the middle 3 digits of AP control file will not help,
as the FTP server has been deprecated of 2925 code this long after the last fw
support date of December 31, 2010.

That's interesting. I still have these firmware files sitting in a folder, without fiddling with a ZD. I'm pretty sure I downloaded them from the Ruckus support site a while ago:

  • 2925_5.
  • 2925_6.
  • 2925_7.
  • 2925_7.
  • 2925_8.
  • 2925_8.

But maybe they never made it as stable?