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New Contributor II
Unable to factory reset

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Mohd,

Which product are you trying to reset and what is the step you are following?

New Contributor II
An Índole R300 push the reset Burton for 6 minutes and then release

New Contributor II
Sorry, i accidentally pressed save.
I have R500 and VSZ
The right firmware in order for the AP to work with the VSZ is However, i mistakenly update firmware which i believe to be Unleshed ( firmware R500_200.

I have pressed the reset button for 20 seconds but the AP still broadcast configure.meXXXX and i can't access to or

is there any other way to reset the AP?.
If possible can show me which download file for the firmware

thank you

Hi Mohd,

AP does not broadcast the SSID always, it only broadcast it when you are configuring the master AP in the network. The moment you will get done with the configuration of the unleashed setup then you will not get any configure me SSID.

Since you have done the factory reset, the AP is in setup mode.

You can access the AP by connecting the AP to the SSID and access Or connect through the LAN and access

The whole process is mentioned on the below link.