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ww vs us

New Contributor II
I found a good deal on a t610 worldwide version ww. I allrady have an unleashed network of r710, all us version. Can I use a ww t610 on my r710 network or will it fail because the country codes are different?

Internal Employee
The WW version should work with US country setting on controllers.

BUT - it is against the FCC regulations to use WW version in the United States.  US version cannot be configured to operate in any channel not approved for use in the US, while the WW version will permit configuration to any country including US which can violate the FCC rules.

So if you are operating this AP in the US you are assuming the risk of FCC violations.  WW products should not be sold in the US.

Hope this provides some useful information.


New Contributor II
I read somewhere the master AP sets the country mode for all the other APs so if the master is a us, won't the ww essentially become equivalent to a us?

Internal Employee
Yes, the master unleashed AP is acting as a Zone Director and it sets the country code for all AP's under it's control.

Having the controller set to US code will keep you in conformance, using only FCC approved channels and power levels, if you are using the ww AP in the USA but because that AP has the capacity to be set to another country you are technically using an AP not approved for use in USA.  Authorized resellers should not sell WW AP's into the US market.

If you are buying on the Internet from non-authorized resellers or as a second hand AP  then the AP technically has no warranty with Ruckus.

But, it should work!