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temporary vSZ to final vSZ migration (in production environment)

New Contributor III
Hi Guys!
I'd like to know, how can I migrate the APs from temporary controller to the final one.
Every controller will have public IP address without any restriction between them.

The situation briefly, there is an 90day temporary instance which currently up and running, we have to deploy it due to urgency.
 For now the customer has its own final controller.
My question, how can I migrate from the temporary vSZ to the final?

I think my best choice is to create cluster and synchronize between them automatically everything and if it is done, I put the temporary controller offline.
Do you have any advices?
Thank you very much?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Istvan,

     Assuming the APs on your Temp controller can reach the Perm controller(s),
you can redirect them with a manual AP CLI command, 'set scg ip a.b.c.d', where
a.b.c.d is the new SCG control plane IP.

New Contributor III
Hi Michael!

Thanks for the hint, so for other members
you have to login via ssh to your AP (this can be done using credentials what you already set under Zone configuration)
once you logged in you have to set the new ip controller address or addresses using
set scg ip IP_ADDRESS
after that you have to perform reboot (using reboot command) and job done
If your controller has preregistration settings your AP will receive automatically the appropriate configuration


Valued Contributor II
I suppose temporary vSZ is successfully migrated already, but I want to share my experience - may be it will help somebody in similar situation (which is very common).
When working vSZ must be moved to new DC and change external IP addresses as well, we install 2 completely new nodes (with external NAT IPs as needed for customer site, even so they are not available on our site), join them to existing cluster, and than remove old nodes from cluster. Than we  just shutdown both new nodes,  make backup from them to mobile HDD using HPE VM Explorer software (or any other similar tool).  VM explorer is convenient, as it downloads and compresses VMs in one step, but you can also use just VmWare client Storage browser + 7Zip, it just will take much longer time to copy files without compression.
Typically, 100GB vSZ virtual machine backup takes about 10-15 Gb. Than we move this disk to target DC and restore virtual machines on customer VmWare hosts.
When nodes are restored and started,  we license new nodes (if previously RTU licenses have been already registered to temporary nodes, we make RMA through LIMAN, to move RTU licenses to new nodes). When new nodes have been added to cluster,  controller IP list on all APs has been updated, so when new nodes are connected to Internet and licensed, APs connect to cluster automatically.

We have done it multiple times, main benefit is a fact, that  WLAN, user, security and AP information survive this migration. It is especially good in cases when APs  are distributed, for example -  in different countries.
Hope it helps,

HI Eizens,

Thanks for share your experiences, this is very valuable information for other members as well. Yes, I already applied similar-like solution like yours, I really like vSZ flexibility/scalability however in this case  this way was not applicable due to some restrictions, however it is already done 🙂