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second ethernet port on R720 not supporting NAS

Contributor II
Hi there.  Have a single ethernet line going to an outbuilding where I have an R720.  As this is the closest I have to "offsite" this is where I want to put my critical data backup NAS.  However, when plugged into the spare ethernet port in the R720, the NAS is not discoverable on my network. The PoE switch powering the R720 has plenty of power budget so this isn't the issue.

Just wondering if I need to change a setting that I am unaware of in my ZD1200 to enable a wired client on my R720.  

Many thanks.

Contributor II
Many thanks.  I have CAT 6 and I doubt its more than 100m cable run as my switch is in the basement and the outbuilding is only about 10m from the house.  

I'm not experienced in SSH but think I can go to the web interface for the ICX switch and check on power budget.  I think I can also play with the power via the console lead to the power switch.  Sounds like a project for the weekend.

Hi Peter,

I was referring to R720 AP for SSH, not ICX.

It is very simple, refer the example below.

1- Download a CLI console client, like putty.
2- Open putty and use AP's IP address and ZD's login credentials to login into AP CLI.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c48c135b77e247ae0e30_37664c1aa6203ab3c044c72d2c6d9e56_RackMultipart2020070375437fdr5-d98b833f-d99a-4998-a9ca-9107d5dead24-112519550.png1593793605

3- Once you are in, run the advised commands in my last comment.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer
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Contributor II
Many thanks.  This sounds doable.  Will try over the weekend.  Thanks for making this easy for me.

OK I started down this route but to me it looks like I am supposed to do this through the ZD UI.

From the SSH I have two pics and one from the ZD IU.Image_ images_messages_5f91c48c135b77e247ae1a04_81e48da2e4523672661923aec967c909_RackMultipart20200704120405szb-3b2d0804-ee39-4375-9ddd-54f6a7141beb-1136114921.jpg1593849456

Image_ images_messages_5f91c48c135b77e247ae1c82_efc3c5a84ab64ccf136751ced0126901_RackMultipart20200704834791d4z-034543ec-a6f0-4a60-b501-433621139e84-1973732906.jpeg1593849532