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r710 not connecting to zd1200

New Contributor

Hey All,

I need your help I have a zd1200 with latest firmware and I have a r600 and some r710s.

I tried to connect the r710s and some did connect without issues but have a few that are not downgrading to the zd1200 firmware

Failed to upgrade AP[XXXX] image from [] to []
2021/08/26  18:51:30 Medium
AP[XXXX] joins with different firmware/custom file version and is being upgraded 

I tried to do in on the AP UI but it replied back with bad mismatch header

Thank you


New Contributor III

Have you tried to upgrade the R710's to first? 100.2.x is an older stand-alone version of software. 

New Contributor

That file is only available with premium support which we (our client) don't have.