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E510 DC Power

New Contributor II

I'm getting a couple of E510s for outdoor coverage.  I'm not running ethernet to them as I plan to use them in a mesh.  I will have 12V power to them.  There is an M8 connector for DC power, but I can't find a pinout or adapter for the DC power port.  Anyone know how I wire in the 12V power?


Valued Contributor

Hi Roopesh,

You have my sympathy, this information was very nearly impossible to find!

One of my amazing colleagues in the UK went digging in our product technical archives and found a product specification document with the following noted on the very last page:

Pin1 => positive

Pin3 => Negative

The document is internal-use-only but I hope the above helps!

All the best,

New Contributor II

Thank you @darrel_rhodes and your UK team!  I look forward to getting this setup.  I hope the pins are labeled 🙂