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r300 vlan without ZD

New Contributor II
Hi i am deploying (3) R300 access points without the zone director. We would like to run the wireless on a different Ip range as the wired lan and not have the wireless clients able to connect to any resources on the wired lan. is that possible with only the access points?

Thank you.

Is your topology is like this:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c470135b77e247a88764_8325182447be10097c95bfa7dd04d54d_RackMultipart20160203348071qux-9aab5bc1-7d01-4f4f-8104-9f3b029e07b3-1814202688.png1454492106

Sorry not exactly no.

I have the R300 Access point(one port) connected to--> netgear switch which is connected to another netgear switch that servers, pcs,  sonicwall etc are on and the sonicwall connects to the internet service

Log in to an AP via the cli and post the output from the following commands:
get interface
get ipaddr wan