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my spectrum analisys doesnt work

Hello i have a ZD3000 that is behind a NAT with a public ip and the AP's are in different LAN and gateways.. till here everything fine all works, but when i try to use the option of spectrum analyse i don't get data.. it says is monitoring but i don't get any data with all the AP's that are capable of this analysis.. could be a specific network port that is use to send this info? Anybody knows why? thanks .
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Try an alternative browser.  I am using FireFox 51.  ZD 3000 running build 22

Does your browser block pop ups ?

Hello i try already in different computers with IE, Firefox or Chrome. I don't have the block pop ups as u can see i take the screenshot just i don't the se spectrum results. 

Not sure if R700 supports Spectrum Analysis on ZD 9.13, checking.

i have different models that in theory work the spectrum analysis, but all have this symptom . So i think that it must be something that is filtered in the NAT but i don't know what is.