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multiple R310 APs for 1 network

New Contributor II
Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to use 4 R310 APs (in different rooms) to create 1 SSID for office employees to access the entire network and 1 SSID for guests for Internet access only. Do I need an additional ZoneDirector for this? Where can I find installation manuals for the R310? Thanks! Frank

New Contributor

Can anyone help to how to get enable the Access VLAN setting, need to configure two SSID (Staff and Guest with social media) on different VLANs. 

I tried doing as mention above but i m getting Vlan Access as grey and not able change VLAN 1 to my required vlan. 

below is the screenshot of the master console. 

 Image_ images_messages_5f91c43a135b77e2479d0064_a81d032c7de890969eec826c1d8ce44e_RackMultipart20180104420711147-6072943d-e3f3-4139-ba68-febe6b9b23d3-54767407.jpg1515071358

please help me to resolve this issue.