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Can we run R610 temporarily on ZD1100 with firmware?

New Contributor III
I know that the R610 is not officially supported on the ZD1100 with Does anyone know if it will unofficially work with limitations?

I know that supports the R600. I noticed that the R610 will show up in my list of AP's if I add it to the network. I thought that maybe there might be some limited support.

I am in the process of moving from our ZD1100 to vSZ 3.6. I have a large number of R610's sitting around. My vSZ is not live yet, though. I have a limited area where I want to use the R610 for non-critical work before I move to the vSZ controller.

Perhaps it would be best to run it as a stand-alone AP until the vSZ is operational?

Suggestions welcome.


New Contributor II
No, its not possible connect a R610 in a ZD1100

New Contributor II

New Contributor III
Thank you, both! That gives me a direction to follow.