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how to disable the autonomous operation of an access point

New Contributor III
I have a new access point, the problem is that the access point does not communicate with the zonedirector even if the uid dir does not blink

Esteemed Contributor II
What model of AP please (has a "uid dir that does not blink")?

Are you using a power supply, power injector, or a PoE switch?
Does changing the cable to the AP help?  Does changing the port
on the PoE switch help?

If you pre-configure your PC/laptop with a IP address,
and directly connect to the AP with Ethernet, after holding down the
indented Hard Reset button on the AP, does it answer a ping to

If so, try SSH and see if you can login with 'super' and 'sp-admin' uid/pw.
If you login successfully, you can "prime" your AP with ZD info and then
reconnect it to your network:

set director ip a.b.c.d

And put it back on your network that can talk to the ZD at this point.
Does that help?

New Contributor III
 You will find here a picture for the access point .you see that the led "dir" is not blinking, that is, the access point does not search a controller and it not difuse any ssid "ruckus wireless"Image_ images_messages_5f91c437135b77e2479c3100_5367741cd87e8935a3bb427d84004763_RackMultipart20171005616181jv0-33e29f59-d010-4e4e-8823-aa1832189df6-1538476513.jpg1507240392

New Contributor III
the model of ap is T301s 

My curent upgrade is
I try to upgrade the ap to the upgrade but the ap refuse all upgrades. I think the problem is not problem of upgrade because the led dir not operate, it's not a probléme of cable because the ping is passed between the ap and the zd 

Esteemed Contributor II
That doesn't look like a "new" T301 AP..., but unless APs get connected to controllers (or configured
manually) they won't broadcast any ssids, correct.

I recommend that you try to connect directly with a pre-configured PC/laptop as described above.  The
factory default button you need to push, is inside where the Eth cable connects.  (doe AP work correctly?)

Second, can you take the red cable from your AP and connect it to a PC/laptop set to receive DHCP,
and can you ping your ZD after it receives an IP address?  (check network connectivity to ZD?)