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Zone director stops handing out IP's

New Contributor
We have a Zone Director model 1200 version 9.12 build 336 and 9 AP's. In the last couple of weeks the ZD will just stop handing out IP's to clients. The signal is still strong but it will either take a long time to get and IP or it wont issue one at all. If we reboot the AP's then it will start working again. It is set to hand out 100 IP's and we do not have anywhere near that demand. We also recently added two new outdoor AP's to the system and one of them seems to be the biggest offender.   Thank you 

New Contributor
If this has only started since you installed the two new outside APs then suggest you disable both and see if the problem goes away. If it does then switch on the one you believe works fine and see what happens.  Are the two new APs same model as the old ones?  Could just be a faulty AP and nothing more.  If new and under warranty then get a replacement.  Or move one of the inside APs to the outside and see what happens...could be faulty wiring as well.  Just use a process of elimination to narrow down where the fault is and then try and repair/replace.  Could the 1200 be getting overloaded?  Unsure how many APs allowed on these things.