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how to change ssid name for every R310 AP in controller

New Contributor

hi admin..i got SZ controller that control almost 100 AP...but the all ssid name is same.....example : i need to change the ssid for every AP in my office... like this...example : wifi-user-pantry...wifi-user-meeting-room...wifi-user-office-A...pls helpphoto_2024-02-14_22-47-02.jpg


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @wanji 
If you are making changes to specific AP modes under the Zone, then I would recommend you to :
1. Create the WLAN Group >> Name it "R310" >> Add\Create the SSIDs in this Group >>
2. Create AP Group under the Zone >> Name the AP Group as "R310" >> Under "Wlan Group" section >> Select the WLAN group created for R310.

This way, selected WLANs will be broadcasting on the Selected AP models.

photo_2024-02-22_23-18-05.jpghi ...already create new ssid...but the ssid is broadcast on all the R310  ap...i want this ssid only broadcast in 1 AP ya ??..when this step..what should i do ???and then my office using login web base for staff and student..need login using their ID