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data traffic flow of wifi clients suddenly drops out/freezes

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For a few weeks now, we have been experiencing problems in some of our Wifi environments with R320 or older R310, controlled within SmartZone, where the connections suddenly "freeze" or something similar. One moment the client device is perfectly connected and suddenly no more data is transferred, even though the connection itself remains active and no firewall is blocking the traffic. Even a ping to the network gateway or other connected clients fails. Disconnecting and reconnecting, associating and authenticating works fine on any VLAN in terms of WPA2, DPSK or 802.1x, and in some cases internet and network traffic works initially but then suddenly drops out.

I have had this behavior in different environments and have never been able to find any errors in the protocols that explain the reason. But in all cases, restarting the affectec APs fixed the problem. After inquiring with the client users, they told me that the strange and non-permanent but recurring problems started around the time we upgraded to the current firmware version

Control Plane
AP Firmware

Is there anything known about problems with these firmware versions? And what would be the most sensible next steps? At first I was thinking of downgrading the AP firmware back to, which ran for a long time and was the firmware in use before the upgrade. However, came out shortly after the upgrade, so should I upgrade to that? At least I didn't read anything about the misbehavior in the patch notes.