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can't upgrad my ZD1200

New Contributor

i have issue with my ZD 1200, ineed to affecte a upgrad from  to 9.10. so whene i try this operation th erreur  message apeare " the support entitlement file is missing or invalid, please contact Ruckus Support for futuer assistance.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Yassine,

The notification message is regarding the active support contract on the ZD. If you do not have active support on the ZD, you would not be able to upgrade the ZD.

Download the entitlement file from the support site using the below link and upload that .spt file under Administer> Support on the ZD. Then try to upgrade.

If you do not have active support contract, you will get a 90 day warranty entitlement file.

- Anusha


thanks Anusha. Its working.

I just get this error msg --“We're sorry. That download is not available at this time. Please check back.

and I tried many times

I tried this same issue cant download the file I talked to support need active contract to get the file 😞 this is EOL