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about R550 5G

New Contributor

Only 5G is unstable, connection is lost or SSID is not visible

Does it stabilize if I leave it for a while after installation?


Interesting 😕 are you seeing connectivity issues - client not being able to communicate even if reported to be connected (on device and in Unleashed UI)? 5GHz clients all report poor signal strength regardless of distance to AP. Currently running with wifi-6 disabled, which up until two days ago seemed to had a positive impact.

My R550 is also doing very well with 2.4Ghz. But on 5Ghz, the connection is still broken.

Having same/similar symptoms.

Previous Unifi AP AC Lite worked perfectly, but now on R550 lot of 5GHz devices have "poor" 5Ghz signal - even ones that are 2-3m away from AP with clear line of sight with no other wifi in house.

Device has installed Unleashed firmware.

Have you made any configuration changes that have proved helpful in managing the situation - while waiting patiently for a patch?

Nothing has been improved yet.