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Zoneflex R310 unleashed AP's different EAN codes.

I have a question regarding the Zoneflex R310 accesspoint running the latest unleashed firmware. I have 3 x R310 with EAN code 901-R310-WW02 and one with 9U1-R310-US02. The 9U1-R310-US02 AP cannot connect to the master AP. If I connect with a browser to its' IP address it will still show as configuring the unleashed network and on the master AP it will show as disconnected. All AP's are in the same network. So the question is, can AP's with EAN code 9U1-R310-US02 mix with ones with EAN code 901-R310-WW02? Thanks!

Hi Jay, Thanks for your reply. I'm sure this is helpful. I'll do some more tests on my end. Thanks again!