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ZoneFlex Mesh presetting

New Contributor III
Hello everyone
There is a need to mount the access point without uplink.
The difficulty is that this access point can't be accepted, provisioned and configured by the controller before installation.
Is it possible to configure the access point not only the ip address of the controller, but the Mesh network to which it is necessary to connect when the power is turned on?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation


Contributor III
This can be accomplished by doing the following:

Enable mesh:
set mesh auto
For manual mesh provisioning, use meshprov
set meshprov {ssid|passphrase} ""
For Mesh configuration recovery, use meshcfg
set meshcfg {ssid|passphrase} ""
To set IP address
set ipaddr wan
If the network has a VLAN
set ipaddr wan vlan 10
Note: Ensure you set the ethernet interface to trunk or the VLAN will not work
set interface eth1 type vlan-trunk untag none
Good Luck 🙂

Esteemed Contributor II
Find your ZD's Mesh ssid|passphrase info on the Configure/Mesh ZD WebUI page!

Hi Michael,
I faced with a problem that AP T301 with FW: don't know mesh commands.
And I can't configure it.

Any ideas? 

New Contributor III
Thanks guys
This is what we need