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ZF 7982 Firmware Upgrade Path?

New Contributor III
I have a single ZF7982 running

When I go to the downloads area of this support site, at there are a TON of firmwares listed, many of them at a higher revision that what I currently have on my ZF7982.

However, at the top of the list, I see my device and "Recommended Firmware:ZF7982 Firmware"

So what should I do? Upgrade to a newer version, and if so, what is the upgrade path? Do I need to go to 9.7 first and then to another version? What exact files from that firmware download list would I need to download to make that work?

Thanks in advance!

New Contributor III
Usually working from a ZD, you can disconnect the AP, put the ZD through its path and the APs then upgrade once to the latest firmware version.  I am going to imagine that the standalone can do the same thing as its the same hardware.  

ZD path from 9.6.x onward was >> >> >> 9.9x >> 9.12x, but I believe you should be able to make a single jump.  Just create a backup of your existing settings should anything go wrong.

Read the doc for the firmware you want to jump to as well, in the case that Ruckus have introduced software support costs etc for standalones at certain version etc. (unsure on this myself, I know it exists for the ZD)

Valued Contributor II

If you don't have ZD controller in the network then you can upgrade/downgrade from any version to any version.

Best of luck...

Contributor II
You can upgrade them in a single hop, but DO make a backup prior.  We have had some seriously out-of-date APs that defaulted when we dragged them to current, but that hop was 7.0 -> 9.5.1, so it's nowhere near the same.