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ZF7942 firmware update

New Contributor II
Can anyone tell me how to update the firmware from a .bl7 or using any other method on this standalone AP? I seem to be going around in circles trying to find an answer.

Nevermind. It looks like they want you to pay them "support" for firmware. That's the first time in 25 years of computing that I've ever come across such a blatant money grab scam.
"Availability:Premium Support Users"

Valued Contributor
Hi Tony,

If you have the .bl7 file you can use the webgui to upgrade / downgrade your AP.

Kind Regards

New Contributor II
Apparently not.

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Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Tony,

    Your 7942 appears to have been running 8.2.x.x.x according to the image control file name.
The fwupdate server is not active for standalone AP updates any longer.  Current code does
have a Local method for upgrades. 

   For you to upgrade, you will need to setup an FTP server, choose the TFTP Method of upgrade,
put the server IP address in the Firmware Server field, and change the image control file name to
"zf7942_940_cntrl.rcks", after you download these two files and put them into your TFTP server's
root directory.

   The image control file is a text file with the firmware filename and byte count.  Let us know
if you're able to upgrade with this information?  With best regards.

Esteemed Contributor II
I mean you need to setup a TFTP server and use TFTP method...