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Surface 2 RT not connecting to R300 with

New Contributor
Upgraded my home R300 from to and my son's Surface 2 RT won't connect to wifi anymore. All other devices seemed to connect just fine.
As he was quite mad at me, I downgraded back and everything is fine again.

What is wrong with Ruckus software releases these days? Every release seems to only add more restrictions and new bugs. I think it's better to stick with 9.8 which seems to be the last stable release in my experience.

Esteemed Contributor II
It's good advice to wait for the 2nd maintenance release of any version code, which should include bug fixes found from the initial version.

You could also open a ticket with Tech Support and maybe take a wireless trace to see why your son's client wouldn't connect.

If you use a pre-shared key on your WLAN, use the Encryption options WPA2 (not Mixed or Auto) with AES (not TKIP) for best results
as all wifi devices since 2006 should support WPA2/AES.