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ZF7352 performance running 9.12 firmware

New Contributor
Hi guys,

I'm installing a ZD3000 wanting to run 9.12, but my customer already bought many ZF7352, my customer claims that ZF7352 is old model and with low RAM, so running new firmware 9.12 could have performance impact. Any idea? I need to support T300 on the same ZD too.

Esteemed Contributor II
The place to start is always the Release Notes for the ZD version of firmware you're considering.
Latest 9.12.2 MR release notes, still lists ZoneFlex 7352 models as supported.  (and the entire
T300, T301n, T301e, T301s family)

The best practices suggest to use 3-4 WLANs maximum, and not all Guest Access/WebAuth
sessions with 64MB RAM AP models on later than code.

New Contributor
Thanks michael, yes I did read th release notes and found 7352 is supported, however my client found in a document (which I cannot find yet) saying that old models with 64mb ram may have limitation on running 9.8 or above. So I guess my question is 7352 with 64mb ram? And what limitation it have in running 9.8 or above? Thanks.
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Contributor III
7352 isnt listed in the document as affected. Datasheet doesn't state the amount of RAM

Contributor II

I can confirm that the 7352 has 128MB RAM- I bug support on a regular basis to keep an internal list up-to-date.

An easier way to figure it out is the first-gen Beamflex APs are 64MB and any Beamflex+ APs are 128MB.  The R300/H500 are 128MB, and any wave 1 R AP is 256MB.