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Cisco VTP support over P300 wireless bridge?

New Contributor
Does anyone know if VTP is supported over the wireless bridge? I am new to Ruckus products and just purchased a pair of P300 radios to extend our network. The radios are connected to 2 Cisco switches which also provide PoE for the radios. The bridge is up and forwarding traffic to the far end switch using a dot1q trunk. However, I don't see VTP advertisements going across to the far end switch. Is VTP not supported? I can work around the problem by defining vlans locally on the switch but I would prefer to not have to do this.

New Contributor
I am looking for the same answer, i have 2 pairs of P300's now that this issue resides on.

Esteemed Contributor II
Contact Ruckus Tech Support and request the patch for ER-3592: P300 ptp
backhaul not passing VTP between Cisco VLAN Trunk Protocol enabled
switches. (KBA-5872)