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ZF 7055 unable to connect after reboot

New Contributor II

I have new ZF 7055 and i configured as a standalone AP and working but if i reboot the AP i lost the connectivity and show assigning ip address and i unable to access the management ip too,The radio LED is blinking.
To access the AP i have to reset the device factory settings. i upgraded the image to 9.7 still the same, please advise.


New Contributor II
Hi Keith,
My colleague found a solution. he change the country to UAE and set channel 6 and it works.


Valued Contributor II
Excellent! - that's a new one for me.

New Contributor III
Keith, this is exactly the same issue I chimed in on early in January. I respectfully disagree with your assessment. I believe this is a software issue. At your prodding I returned my device after exactly this behavior. The replacement is doing exactly this, exactly as was reported in this forum post, just as the previous one did. Can we get to the bottom of this already? Stand alone access points are the only ones seeming to have this problem...

Btw, if I reboot it 10 times, maybe twice in ten will it bring up a wireless interface. If I factory reset, it works for "a while" before this behavior restarts.

Sorry 😞


Valued Contributor II
@Peter - if you read carefully above you'll see I disagree with my assessment too 🙂

Did you try the fix Faisal uncovered? Forums are a terrible place to troubleshoot and we give the best shot we can based on fairly limited/often confusing descriptions and available diagnostics. This is not an official support venue - if you have a business critical issue - please open a support case.

It's possible it's a software issue, but standalone ZF7055's are an extremely rare installation - it was designed for the hotel industry where controllers are virtually always used and typical installations are in the hundreds of APs.

A search of our case archives reveals exactly none matching these descriptions (I can't find one for you either). I also cannot locate the other post you refer to so if you can provide the URL that would help.

Meanwhile...anyone experiencing these exact symptoms that believes it's a software issue - please open a support case so that we can indeed get to the bottom of it. Reference this thread so that we can tie them together


Valued Contributor II
Also - the screenshots above show a local subnet defined but it's not actually used since his wireless is set for bridge-to-wan and both are trying to vlan tag the same ID. So it should be disabled (I missed this in initial glance).

We probably don't test for that config since it's a no-op even though the GUI allows it. It's possibly doing something odd with tagging. If the WLAN is bridging to the WAN interface, that's all you need and no local subnet need be (or should be) defined.