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ZD9.9 and 7962APs?

Any hope that 7962 APs will, one day, be compatible with version 9.9?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Paul,

We’re happy that you’ve chosen Ruckus products too, and zf7962 was the
company’s flagship dual-band access point. We’re proud to have developed
the indoor/outdoor AP line further. New AP hardware has increased CPU
capabilities, more RAM, Flash, and now 802.11ac MU-MIMO in both indoor/
outdoor products, and soon incorporated into a higher performance PtP/PtMTP
wireless bridges.

The ZD1000 was also quite capable of managing early model APs, but as our
software grew with additional features/functions, the early platform products
could not support them all, and we’ve developed their predecessors. Your ZD3K
can run any level of ZoneFlex firmware, but newer AP models are required to
support some of the newer firmware features, ie Bonjour Gateway. Hopefully
your Ruckus VAR or account team can discuss your options if you need more than
9.8 services, the last level for 7962 support in code.

Our Support Portal Products page, has ZoneDirector, and ZoneFlex Indoor/
Outdoor AP boxes at the top. Each of the AP pages lists our current product
offering, and lists the previous model APs/ZD that have reached an EoL for
production/sales at the bottom. We do continue to provide support for EoL
products, 5 years after EoS.

We also honor all support covered product RMAs, but with a modern comparable
type AP (or ZD). If you have a zf7962 failure, the zf7372 is the comparable 2x2:2
dual-band 802.11n AP you would receive. I hope this is helpful.

Hi Michael

Will there be maintenance releases of 9.8 to fix some of the faults addressed in 9.9. Most concerning for me is the lack of manual setup option for users who subscribe to DPSK a - particularly Android users who used to copy their passkey down since the APK file was so unreliable.


Esteemed Contributor II
Correction: zf7962 replacement is the 3x3:3 zf7982. Replacement products are functionally better than or equivalent to EoL products, but may have a different form factor.

Generally bugs discovered by customers on a particular release, ie 9.8, should be
resolved with a patch or a maintenance release on that train. I don't recognize
the issue you refer to Martin, but do you have an ER number for reference?

Hi Michael,

You stated that "zf7962 replacement is the 3x3:3 zf7982". Also, our Sales Rep confirmed this info too.
However, I just received a zf7962 replacement for a 7962 RMA (#319481).

Could you explain this difference? I hope it is just a mistake.


i think when they run out of ZF7962 then they will give out ZF7982 as replacement...